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At Thrive, our Occupational Therapists use play to engage children and improve their function in: fine motor skills, gross motor skills, self care, attention and focus, visual perception, visual motor integration, feeding, oral motor skills, play and socialization, and problem solving strategies. We also are experienced with sensory integration, both in recognizing when a client is dysregulated and in providing the appropriate response. “Sensory Integration” describes the way a person receives and interprets information from his or her body and the environment, and uses that information to perform functional tasks. Whereas the five senses – vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch are well known, sensory integration also focuses on the hidden senses of proprioception and vestibular, which work with the other senses to produce an adaptive response to the environment. Our clients can struggle with significant deficits in their ability to integrate their senses in a way that allows them to learn and attend. All of our therapists are trained to look for and respond to dysregulation so that our clients are able to learn and attend in all environments.