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Speech therapy is a multi-faceted therapy that includes everything from articulation training to the use of AAC devices to social skills training. At Thrive, our therapists have years of experience in a full array of language deficits, including the following:

Communication: At Thrive, we recognize and embrace a broad view of communication by assessing and enhancing the following: initiation of spontaneous communication in functional activities across social partners and settings, comprehension of verbal and nonverbal communication in social and community settings, and communication for a range of social functions that are reciprocal and promote the development of friendships and improve quality of life. The Augmentative Alternative Communication Program focuses on identifying communication options for persons with communication impairment and determines the most appropriate high-tech, low-tech and/or no-tech solutions.

Social Skills: Pragmatics is the area of language function that embraces the use of language in social contexts (knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to say it – and how to “be” with other people). Individuals with pragmatic difficulties have great trouble using language socially in ways that are appropriate or typical of children their age. They may interrupt excessively and/or talk irrelevantly or about things the listener shows no interest in. Social Skills are worked on from the basics of turn taking to collaborative gaming and/or constructing.

Community-based Life Skills: Our community based interventions assist in many areas of our clients’ lives. Being in the community exposes clients to a variety of experiences, enhances opportunities for natural communication, choice making and participation. The community offers opportunities for problem solving skills that are useful and functional. Augmentative Alternative Communication is incorporated in ways that are natural in context. Repeated visits promote foundation for success and increases independence.